Childcare Fund

WILL REOPEN IN JANUARY 2024 Full Time UK registered students (excluding nursing students) who incur costs for registered childcare can apply for help with these costs from the Childcare Fund. To be eligible you must be:-

  • a full-time UK registered student, or are from another country and satisfy the SAAS residence conditions to be treated in the same way as a UK student for student funding (i.e. student loan/bursary for living costs) purposes (part-time students should apply to the University Discretionary Fund) and;
  • are attending the University as part of a degree programme and have been awarded a student loan/bursary from a UK awarding body (for postgraduate students who are not eligible for a student loan from a UK funding body please see University Discretionary Fund) and;
  • have taken out or applied for the maximum student loan to which you are entitled and;
  • have explored all other funding options open to you, including the maximum overdraft available to you on a student bank account

To be considered for this funding opportunity, you must complete the General Application and Living Costs Questions and the additional supplemental questions (detailed below). Once submitted, we will automatically match you to the funding opportunities that you could be eligible for, which may include this one.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Details of dependant children
    • 1. Name of child
    • 2. Child's Date of Birth
    • 3. Upload Birth Certificate
    • 3.Upload birth certificate
    • 4. Type of registered childcare used
    • 5. Registered Childcare Number
    • 6. Upload proof of childcare costs