Bill Taylor Scholarship

Available to undergraduate student in Civil Engineering (including MEng courses in Civil Engineering and Civil and Transportation Engineering) across Years 3 and 4 for BEng students and Years 3, 4 and 5 for MEng students. Students are eligible to be matched to this scholarship in Year 2 of a Civil Engineering undergraduate degree with confirmation of the award upon successful entry into Year 3. Eligible scholars will be reviewed by a Find-a-Fund panel made up of University staff and BEAR Scotland (the funders of the scholarship), with particular attention to each individual’s academic ability, financial needs and relevant widening participation backgrounds. Please note, BEAR Scotland may invite applicants to an interview as part of the assessment process.

In addition to funding paid directly to the awarded students, this scholarship also offers the following:

  • Paid work placements during summer breaks.
  • Potential for ongoing placements during term time on zero hours basis.
  • Potential offer of a place on BEAR Scotland’s graduate training programme after degree completion, gaining experience in a number of different departments within the company over a 3 to 4-year training programme. Further details including salary will be discussed during the interview process. Acceptance of the graduate training programme will not be mandatory.