Nursing & Midwifery Discretionary Fund

About the Nursing & Midwifery Discretionary Fund
Awards can be made to assist UK students with general living costs, accommodation, essential course costs and, in some circumstances, help towards childcare costs. You are eligible to apply to Edinburgh Napier University’s Nursing and Midwifery Discretionary Fund if:

  • You are a UK student, or are from another country and satisfy the SAAS residence conditions to be treated in the same way as a UK student for student funding purposes
  • You are attending a pre-registration nursing and midwifery course of study
  • You have used full entitlement of all other available student maintenance support such as nursing and midwifery student bursary and allowances. (Parents should also have claimed all other allowances from SAAS or other UK awarding body, Tax Credits and free nursery places etc., as provided by their local authority.
  • You have explored all other options open to you, including the maximum overdraft available to you on a student bank account.
  • You are able to demonstrate financial hardship.

To be considered for this funding opportunity, you must first complete the questions listed within the General Application and the Funding Opportunities For Living Costs page. Once these are submitted, we will then automatically match you to the funding opportunities that you could be eligible for, which may include this one.